I have been wanting to post this picture up for quite a long time now. I saw this picture hanging in my grandmother’s bedroom wall. That, friends, is my lovely grandmother at a tender age of 19 when she got married.

I guess there isn’t a better time to finally post this picture up than now. Little did she know that 28 years ago when she held her first grandchild, that 28 years and a day later she would also breathe her last very tired breath.

So this is to the remembrance of her love and her life.

To the grandparent I am closest with, to her who took great care of me as a baby, to the many school holidays I looked forward and enjoyed sleeping over at her house, to her who bought me my first Tetris game console when she knew that I really wanted one, to the bountiful love she generously and unconditionally showered upon all of us….

.., to the only grandparent I had left.

Dear Po-po, you will be missed so much. I love you.


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