Countdown: 10 days

10 days?! 10 DAYS!!?! Are you kidding me?

No way!

Where did the time fly to?

It definitely feels surreal right now.. and I can probably bet that the feelings in the week to come will begun to feel more fantasy than reality. Gotta somehow ground myself to know this is actually already happening… really soon!

People ask how do I feel right now and well, to be honest, it’s a little difficult to describe. Can’t quite point to one specific feeling but more like a blurry mix of several emotions going on at once – a good load of excitement, with a blend of anxiety and a dash of panic, all whipped into a cloudy pool which floats in and out of my consciousness.

….oh, and a lot of stomach gurgling and hyperactive bowel movement too.

Nope, not in the butterflies in my stomach sense… but literally what you read above.

Since last week, my body started firing the wrong signals to its various organs. First it was a minor conjunctivitis where I had a slightly swollen left lower eye lid. Then it was the fickle sore throat that comes and goes as it pleases. Now, I’ve been stricken with a gastrointestinal system which has decided to throw a tantrum right at this crucial moment. The length of time it has occurred surely has surpassed the infective stage. Is it a physical manifestation of an unconscious stress? Maybe. It’s gotten to a point now where I’m actually worried that it could be an illness. We’ll see. Am praying that it would fizzle off quickly.

I wasn’t the only agent down. Adrian is combating a viral fever now and we’re crossing our fingers that it’s not dengue. It’s still a little early to say so, but we’re keeping a close eye on his temperature.

The things that could possibly happen before a wedding!!

Throughout this entire time, the wheels of our thought process also have not stopped working as we’re juggling between questions of,

“Have we done that yet?”

“Has that been settled?”

“OOOHHH, there’s this that needs to be done!!”

“We need to see this person…and that person, and talk to this person”


“Have we forgotten anything else… there must be something we could have left out!!”


Now… REMIND me, that I actually have a dedicated wedding planner and her team who have organized so many weddings she probably lost count of and that I should be assured that everything is under control. I must agree that all the pieces are fitting in together and we are anticipating and waiting for the moment to set it into motion.

Talking about motion, …excuse me.. I gotta go.



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