Dress code

Dear Friends,

Some of you have asked about the dress code themes for the wedding day and perhaps were not aware of the Appy Couple app and the links in it (under events, there is a pinterest link) to all the information you need to know about our wedding.

So I’ll post the links up here for your reference.

For the church ceremony, the idea is a vintage English afternoon tea party theme. So think pretty flowers, butterflies and birds. Think old stuff. Think of poofy skirts, suspenders, fascinators and hats. Think big flowers. Think of beautiful pastel colours.

Some favourite pictures that encapsulate the ideas above.

Never had an occasion to wear a fascinator? Here’s your chance!

Or what about the vintage hats you’ve been keeping in your closets? Display them proudly.

For more pictures like these, head on to: Church Ceremony Dress Code

For the dinner reception, pretend as if you’ve been invited to a romantic date night, or as if you were invited to the night of the Grammys or Oscars (whichever suits your preference!)..  Got that picture? Then you’ve got the dress code in mind. We would love to keep it in the shades of dark purple, or blue, or grey, or black.

Some examples…

For the gentlemen, there’s nothing that looks sharper than a suit, if you can. 🙂

More pictures here: Dinner Reception Dress Code

Our wedding website has been updated… so head on down there for a peek.

Better still, download the app!


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