Long List of Appreciations

I prepared a draft for this to be posted post-wedding automatically but never quite found the time before wedding with all the hectic preparation to complete that draft.

We apologize that this has to be posted a week after our wedding, but nevertheless, please know that this gratitude stayed aflame in our hearts since that very special day. Each and everyone’s love and contribution was never forgotten.

(Be prepared for a lengthy post ahead..)

How can we even begin to measure and express the voluminous thanks to our parents who supported us throughout this wedding preparation process. Without Adrian’s parents support, the wedding could not be possible at all. To my Dad and Mom, who gave and even physically worked so hard until the night before the wedding just to make ready the church premise for my wedding. From the bottom of our hearts, please know we cherish every single bit of contribution you have given tirelessly to us and we are forever indebted to the sacrifice you have given to us, from the days when we were born. We really meant it when no words could ever measure the gratitude we have in our hearts for you. We love you.

To our brothers and sister, who have withstandย our authoritarian behaviour since our childhood days (both of us being the eldest in the family), who have even to the very day, stood by us in support and working out the meticulous chores that was needed to be done on that day from the cleaning up, to the packing stuff, to the greeting of guests… what you all have done for us in the weeks lining up to the wedding day meant so much to the both of us, and right now, we just want to say how much we love you all and thank you for being the best siblings ever.



To our newly extended families, thank you for supporting us when we started dating. Thank you for the nods of agreement when we introduced each other to all of you. Your approval and love for the both of us means much more than you’ll ever know. Thank you for gracing our wedding.

Thank you, Dr and Mrs Charles Goza, who willingly extended their short stay here without hesitation just so you could be with us to solemnize our marriage for us. Thank you for the countless hours of learning from the two of you about what real marriage is like and learning how to tackle the rocky paths we will face someday.

To the members of Cheras Baptist Church, thank you for the generous blessings you have bestowed upon us. We really meant it when we said that you all are like a family to us, especially to my family. We treasure the friendships that we share and cherish your presence with us on our wedding day. Thank you for allowing us to use the church sanctuary and for preparing the place from the painting of the walls, to the renovation to upkeep the place and the changing of the brand new carpets for us. How could we even thank you enough. Thank you, Christopher, Stephanie and the worship team (Hui Yi, Crystal, Sarah, Daniel, Shon Sern, Wilson, Uncle Ben, Ivan, Joel and Vincent). You all did a marvelous job. I received many comments that the service was very uplifting. Thank you for setting that tone for us, that through our marriage, may God be exalted above all. Thank you to the host, hostess and ushers of the day – To Uncle Peter KS Lee, Uncle KC Yip, Uncle Richard, Aunty Suh Sien, Angeline, Ivy, Carmen and Adrienne, thank you for standing by and making our guests feel welcomed and comfortable. Thank you to Uncle Sim, Uncle Philip and Uncle David, for tightening up the security of our church when the company we hired failed to arrive on time. Thank you for stepping up to the occasion for us. Many thanks to Aunty Pui Fun, Aunty Stephanie and Aunty Yit Cheng, for really ensuring that all the small tasks that was needed to be done were fulfilled and that there is a smooth transition and cooperation with our wedding planning team. Thank you for facilitating the huge clean up before and the massive clean up after the wedding. Thank you for the direction and coordination you provided in handling the church guests. It could not have run smoothly without you all. Many thanks to Aunty Suh Sien and Aunty Mrs Leong for joyously helping us with the tea ceremony. Your smiles and pleasantness really lit up the room for us and it was pure happiness standing beside you that day. To anyone we could have possibly missed out as you helped chip in for the big day, thank you. Even the small tasks which you did that day, spoke volumes to us and know that we appreciate the every little thing that you did for us.

To our guests, whom the wedding will never be the same without. Thank you for taking the time and effort to just be there with us. For months, as we sketched your names in our lists and sent those invitation cards out, please know we have been looking forward to just meeting you, be it on our wedding day or not. We have missed seeing you (especially to our friends whom we have not met in a long time) and the memories of our friendship kept us wanting to see you all again. But your presence have made our wedding day so much more special. I could not possibly describe the joy we felt in our hearts just seeing you all (and your partners) again. A word goes out, especially to my dearest friends who graciously spent their time and money to travel from afar. I am super humbled by this token of giving you have done for our friendship. I am so glad to be able to call you my dearest friends. I pray that this friendship we share will last our entire lifetime as you are all too precious to ever give up on. Thank you so so so so much.


An extra thanks goes to our bridal party. Thank you for coming so early in the morning and just being there with us as we prepare to start our day. Thank you for taking the effort to purchase the dress code and tailor your dresses. You all looked really good that day. Thank you for participating in the bridal games and making it memorable for us. Your support in making all these possible means the world to Adrian and I. Those moments spent with each and every one of you are ones we will treasure deeply. Many thanks to our beautiful flower girls and handsome page boys and their parents for allowing their kids to participate in our wedding with us. Thank you for taking the time to come for practice and dressing up for us.


To all the vendors who really helped make our wedding day extra beautiful and extra special, here are our words of sincere appreciation.

The Peak Xperience – Natasha, thank you for the entire year you have spent working with us. Thank you for patiently listening to our list of requests and working hard to making it possible for us. Thank you for the many hours you spent late up at night, working on the designs and prints, the coordination of events and with other vendors. Thank you for your team in their participation of the day in coordinating each and every item on the schedule. You are the central nervous system to our wedding and please know we appreciate all that you have done for us.

Daren Chong Photography – Daren, the warmth and friendliness you portrayed the very moment we met you truly reflected who you are until the very end. You are such a genuinely nice person and we just wanted you to know how much we enjoyed spending time with you and Peggy in Paris. We hope that our friendship doesn’t just happen during our wedding period but that it will go on for the years to come. We love your work and the freshness and how it all looks so natural and real. We are truly proud of what you have achieved in the wedding photography arena and we really take pride in calling you our photographer. Thank you.

Keng’s Cinematography – Edmund, it was a joy working with you. You have become more than a videographer to us. We have found a real friend in you and we just want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the days you spent meeting up with us to plan, to video shoot, and even to the day you agreed to attend our wedding dinner. Your presence meant so much to us as we loved your film so much and we wanted you to share the moment with us as we played it to our audience. It was such a pleasure to even get to know Jayne and your little adorable children. You have a beautiful family. Please don’t ever stop what you’re doing so good at as we know you will bless other wedding couples as much as you have blessed us. Praying that the work that you do in Cambodia will flourish. ๐Ÿ™‚

To those of you who have not seen our pre-wedding video, please go here. Their Destiny Awaits

STEP Production House – Choo Harn, thank you for taking the extra effort to making our wedding video very special. Thank you for coming all the way midweek to check whether a live feed could be possible in our church. Your talent and work displayed through us have definitely drawn much praises. Thank you.

F Eleven Photography – Edwin, thank you for setting up the photobooth for us on our wedding day. It seems to us that our guests have definitely enjoyed it more than we ever imagined. It must be because of your pleasantness and encouragement in making the guests join in. We can’t wait to see more pictures from you and help distribute them to our guests. ๐Ÿ™‚

Divine Couture – Soo Lin & Jaqueline, thank you so much for the countless hours spent with you. I am so glad to have found you and your absolutely gorgeous works of art. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the creativity and patience you have poured into designing and making my gown for me. Thank you for creating such a beautiful dress for me to walk down the aisle and say “I do” in. Many guests have praised your dresses. Your talent stands out far more than I could display.

Valerie Fan Wedding Gallery – Valerie, thank you for allowing us to use your gowns for our pre-wedding photography and for our wedding day. Thank you for your patience in our last minute switch of gowns and your expert advice in what’s right to wear for a first dance. Thank you so much for the beautiful shoes you made for me. We are quite lucky to have met you!

Lord’s Tailor – Kenny, thank you for your patience in our many visits to your shop. We have learnt so much from you in a visits there and they will not go unforgotten. Thank you for making it possible that all of Adrian’s brothers get to wear your works on our wedding day. We appreciate it so much that you were able to fulfill our request in a short period of time. We know your business will boom from here onwards, not because of the publicity you have received of late, but the fine quality of work you have put in your suits and tuxedos. ๐Ÿ™‚ well done!

Doubletree by Hilton, Kuala Lumpur – Grace, we are so glad that you were in charge during our wedding day. ๐Ÿ™‚ Your patience and professionalism displayed truly is exemplary. Thank you for making the entire process of planning our wedding at the hotel so easy with you. Khairul and Shahrizal, thank you for helping with the coordination with the serving of food, the sound and lights management of that day. Thank you for fulfilling our room service and requests for the days we spent at Doubletree. The hotel is definitely one we will recommend to others who wish to hold a wedding banquet.

Nathalie Gourmet Studio – Nathalie & Benoit, merci beaucoup!! Thank you for the splendid lunch you prepared for such a large amount of guests. The intricacy and details you paid attention to into making each canape something special is worth mentioning about. The food was good and the macarons were superb. Thanks again!

Truly Scrumptious – Thank you for the cake pops, the eclairs and all the other beautiful desserts on our table of goodies.

PassioNate Cakes – Man Kwan, thank you for fulfilling my request for a wedding cake in the shades of purple ombre. The flowers on the cake looked beautiful and even though I didn’t quite get to taste the cake that day, I can bet it was pretty delicious. You are one talented baker! ๐Ÿ™‚

Flowerseries – Roy, even though you are one tough person to contact most of the time, the flowers and decoration you provided for the church and for the dinner event was very impressive. Most of my guests were in awe at the amount of flowers you used and they were very very pretty indeed. Thank you for making my wedding beautiful.

Emcee – William, thank you for your service at our dinner event. Many guests thoroughly enjoyed the words you used and the jokes you said. Thank you for lighting my dinner with joy and laughter.

Live Band / DJ – Sonia & team, please know that my guests did enjoy the music you played that night. I could only wish I was able to sit still and listen to your talented voices and skills on the instruments more, but from the little that I could pay attention to, I would have danced the night away to your lovely voice and music. Thank you for brightening the atmosphere with the perfect music for our occasion.

Alright. I think this is about it. Apart from those mentioned above, we both know there are countless of others who contributed to making our wedding day beautiful and memorable. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you once again.


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