First January Twenty Thirteen

Fourth consecutive first-day-of-the-year post. I am loving this tradition. 🙂

2010 Me wrote with a lot of anticipation and anxiety as she looks into a future that was pretty uncertain as her housemanship came to a close.

2011 Me wrote a lot about thankfulness. The anticipation and anxiety she had were always won over by God’s grace.

2012 Me wrote again with much hope and anticipation. “There’s a huge step I would be taking this year that would alter the rest of my life.”

Huge step taken. Became a Mrs. The main theme for 2012 was building to that big date in December and my goodness, how fast did that year just zip by. However, along with that main soundtrack that played through the months, there were many other melodies that waved in and out.

I think I can safely say that 2012 has been quite a tough year for most of us, well, at least among the people that I know of.

Some friends fell ill. Some friends whose parents were also not well. Mine included. 2012 has been an awakening year to the reality of my parents’ age and that they are not forever immune to the human diseases that could strike us all.

Some of us lost loved ones, some lost siblings and some lost parents. I did too. My grandmother, the only grandparent I had left, took her last breath a day after my birthday.

There were natural disasters and wars. There were mass murders in cinemas and schools.

However that being said, there were many beautiful moments in 2012 too. Many friends got engaged and some said their “I do’s”. Some friends became parents for the first time. 🙂 Just looking back, 2012 will be a number forever etched in our hearts and our minds as one very memorable year – some memories that will pain and some that will bring forth smiles.

Am I thankful for 2012?

Most definitely. I am thankful for the tears and laughter. I am forever grateful for the family and friends I still have beside me.

What do I hope to write at the end of 2013? I wonder what my post would sound like, come 1 January 2013?

I pray that it will be again, bubbling over with thankfulness as a testament to God’s unending grace and mercy upon my life.

Any resolutions for the year 2013?

2012 has taught me one very important lesson and that is the immense value of family and friends. I have realized that they are irreplaceable and that the fact that they are around today is something we cannot just take for granted. So my goal for the year 2013 is to seek and rekindle the friendships that I have carelessly lost over the years , to strengthen the ones I am blessed with right now, and to start new friendships that will last a lifetime.

I thought of reusing my toast from the years before, but thought it might be best to start with a new one.

So, my dear friends, if you’d raise your glasses with me. To this brand new year, may each day be filled with peace received from our Father above. May the love we share among family and friends multiply in folds through the receiving and giving, that we may be a reflection of the perfect love intended for mankind. May each of us be given opportunities in this new year to be vessels of grace to those who need it. May our days be colourful, that through the shades of difficulty and trials, that we will find strength to overcome it and during the shades of goodness, we will learn to recognize them and be always thankful.

Have a wonderful new year! 🙂


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