Signs of Domestication

Alright. It’s been a month and a week into the role of a wife.

My friends have asked me how is life like now that I’m a married woman. Well, in an instance, I’d give you a very positive response like, “It’s been really fun” or “It’s awesome”… somewhere along those lines. A friend asked Adrian the same question, and let’s just say his response didn’t quite answer the question. I’m not sure whether it’s just me or are most men just like that.

“ehhh. it’s married life. What would you expect?”


It’s as if men just take it in stride like any other ordinary phase of life. Okay. I guess I shouldn’t generalize. Maybe it’s just my guy. Newly wedded wives, how has your husband reacted to questions like that?

Of course there are a lot of things which are different now and just last Saturday, it hit me and I realized that I’m showing symptoms and signs of domestication. Good thing? Bad? Not sure.

Here are some evidences:

#1: Adrian and I are actually (like really actually) excited about the idea of cooking on our own and trying out new recipes. Yeah, we did a lot of cooking when we lived in Slim River and I must say, we had a lot of fun experimenting in the kitchen. Since moving back to KL and with the convenience of numerous restaurants here, we’ve stopped conjuring magic in the kitchen for a while now but we can’t wait to get back to garlic-smelling-fingers, onion-tearified-eyes, oil-burnt-skin-marks, knife-sliced-fingers and oh-so-delicious-own-home-cooked-food. 🙂 Not that we are deprived of that from our parents, but food really does taste different when you’ve cooked it yourself (burnt and what not). We were practically gleefully (well, at least I have!) choosing pans, cookers, utensils, etc. Now we’re just waiting for the stove and oven to get a makeover from the factory and then let the cooking begin! 🙂

#2 Going to Big Bad Wolf Book Sale and finding myself trailing to the cookbook section. Seriously. I think I spent the most time there drooling going through beautiful books filled with delicious images and probably fantasizing the possibility of me successfully making them. There is absolutely no way I could do what some of my friends do with their kitchen. The photos of their dishes and cakes are so superb, it’s worth a kowtow.

#3 Our first big buys as a married couple were a washing machine and a dryer. They’ve been our good friends so far. 🙂

#4 I practically enjoyed ironing clothes on a quiet Saturday afternoon. Yes, you read that right. I actually heard myself say in my head that I’m having a good time. (What? O.O)  Well, of course, throw in some jazz tunes and the smell of spa diffusing from the aromatherapy jar, it instantly becomes a therapeutic ‘me’ time. 🙂 Trust me.

#5 We find ourselves walking in the detergent and cleaning products aisle in the grocery store and visiting ACE Hardware numerous times to look for appliances to fix some stuff up in the house. Oh, not to forget IKEA. How can one not go to IKEA and dream of an ideal home?

Haha. I can almost imagine the long time married wives would look and laugh at me for it won’t be long before the list above will soon feel like deadly boring chores.

Oh gosh, I hope not. I’m sure there are ways to inject some fun into it?

Nothing like a nice clean house, right?


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