Be vessels of change

Today, I’d like to write about an issue in light of the recent viral video featuring a now famous forum speaker and a student who stood and asked questions (as you would and should in a forum). As I read through the articles about the entire incident, one word spoke quite strongly to me.

No. It isn’t the word “Listen“.

Rather it was the word “Activist“.  Bawani was labelled an activist. 

Now, if you were like me, the word “Activist” may evoke negative images of rebellious citizens who have nothing else better to do than go for street demonstrations and pass out leaflets of the cause to which they are fighting for or you may even see images of the hippies with signs of peace written all over their body, posing with the V sign and participating in a hunger strike.

I never quite understood the meaning of the word until I searched it up.

Definition (Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary): a person who works to achieve political or social change, especially as a member of an organization with particular aims

Wikipedia: Activism consists of efforts to promote, impede, or direct social, political, economic, or environmental change.

Another keyword: Change.

Our country needs a change. Changes are healthy. Our bodies go through changes everyday, whether it’s repairing or actively fighting diseases or simply just maintaining good healthy. Change is crucial to live. A country that does not see the need to change or improve is a dead country.

I also began to realize that we are activists in our own ways, whether it is for the betterment of our country or for a global cause. Each of us have deep convictions about certain issues in our lives and everyday we take small steps into making these convictions known among our family and friends and we carry out tasks to make that goal a reality.

I am an Activist.

I have and will promote for a better government to lead this country. I will create awareness and support the need for transparency in our electoral roll and for a clean up of the current election commission.

I am a citizen concerned of the safety in our streets. With the ever increasing crime rates (despite what the police tells us) and the numerous children abused and lost, there is no doubt that we need a change in the security department. The people we trust to protect often at times are the ones who bullied and should be responsible for the deaths that occur under their custody.

Aside from the political, I am also pro-life. I believe that life exists the moment conception took place. Whatever social or medical reasons to deny such a fact should be abolished because for every abortion that takes place, an equal murder crime has been committed.

I am a doctor troubled at the current state of our healthcare in this country. It alarms me that only the wealthy become healthier and the poor made more ill. How is possible that the basic needs of investigative tests or drugs be denied from a citizen simply because ‘budget cuts’? Only in Malaysia are the rich and important people with titles are granted more superior drugs but the ordinary man down the street with a greater need for treatment be given the lower range drugs. Will there ever be a place where people are treated equal regardless of the money in their pockets, the colour of their skin, or the prefixes of their names? Why shouldn’t they when each on the inside have the same number of organs and the same colour of blood?

Our world needs a change. Our country certainly needs a change. It should begin with our lives, right here and right now. Let’s work to make this place a better one!


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