You make me all fuzzy inside

Is it possible to be hopelessly in love with romance and yet not be romantic? lol. If you were to compare Adrian and I, he wins 10-0 in this trait. He just has this brilliant ability to know the right things to do and execute it perfectly on our big celebratory days. He has successfully won me over through and through since our first date until even on my last birthday we celebrated together. He is a genius when it comes to these things.

I on the other hand, grew up dreaming of meeting a romantic guy (check), appreciating romantic gestures (check) and thought I could be just as good at reciprocating similar acts but turns out, I’m pretty much a flop. haha.

If it’s any consolation to myself, it is always, ALWAYS easier to impress romantic things to a girl than it is vice versa. I mean, how else could you do it? Serenade a guy? Buy him a bouquet of flowers? Or a set of jewelry? After some time, you’re pretty much running out of gift ideas because it’s either a) he’s own it all by now, or b) the guy gifts are waaaaaay too expensive to purchase a few times a year.

We made a pact that we would take leave off work to celebrate our birthdays (I normally did this even when I was single just to celebrate some me-time) and I have failed on my part TWICE. I know. Such a failure. Welllll, technically there were reasons I couldn’t evade. For my birthday last year, I could not take leave because I had already used it all up for the long break for the wedding. On his birthday today, I could not take time off from work because I’m the only one in charge at the clinic for these two months because my colleague has gone on maternity leave. Yes yes. I’m such a terrible wife. He has been so kind to even take leave on my birthday and went around preparing stuff while I worked. What a guy… what a guy.

Today we are going to a dinner place where he had already requested we go for his birthday (so no surprises there). All I just did extra was probably call in to make a reservation. Today he is also going to be receiving a gift he probably knows he’ll be getting because the old one is pretty much wearing out and it was something we took note of to buy. WELL, it really isn’t my fault because whenever I ask him what he wants, he’ll just say, “I don’t need anything.” Boy, you could make my life easier by naming something. 😉 But I married one simple guy who does not have much requests and doesn’t demand for much… and that is why I love him so. 🙂

Photo Jan 29, 15 25 40

So babe, have a wonderful birthday. Thank you for the many days of joy and love you have poured unto my life. Thank you for sharing and not being shy with the romantic side of you. I hope you enjoyed your birthday today even though you spent most of it alone at home. We’ll start this first year of birthdays on a small scale, okay, so that we can build it up in the years to come… hopefully! *cross fingers* *Grin*

love, Lydia



2 thoughts on “You make me all fuzzy inside

  1. me loh says:

    #1 Learn how to do a proper massage, and give him a good one
    #2 Bake a birthday cake
    #3 Give him a shave with a razor blade, not the cheating gillette safety razor (learn how to do it first!!!!), or bring him to Truefitt BSC new wing and let the pro do it.
    #4 Knit him a sweater
    #5 Cook dinner, all his favourite dishes at one go

  2. I can relate so much with this post…
    My husband is a romantic too…while I am not that much…

    What I discovered that makes him extremely happy is when, once in a while, get in my “romantic mood” and tell him all the reasons I adore him for… Makes him cry.. :]

    I know my post is a tad too late, but felt related to it and felt like posting a comment.

    I wish you all the happiness!

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