My little sister all grown up

It’s only been about three and a half hours since I last said goodbye to my sister at the airport and I’m starting to miss her terribly already.

I do regret encouraging her to take up the American Degree Program at Help Uni when she finished her secondary school studies. Looking back, I should have asked her to go to nearer countries or even study locally. But during that time, I really wanted her to be able to go through tertiary education which my brother and I didn’t quite have the opportunity to.

My sister is the sweetest girl I know. She’s kind, talented and has a big heart. She’s smart and so much braver than me in every possible way. She does what she needs to quietly and hardly ever complaints much. I was really hoping and praying that I would deliver my daughter before she flies to the States, but God seems to have his own reasons for the timing that did not turn out so. Her absence will most definitely be felt in this new journey of mine, but I guess we all knew this day would come – where our little sister grows up and eventually will have to spread her wings to bigger places. For me, I just didn’t think that this day would be so difficult to experience.

Life now will definitely feel very different with the ever-present sister now not around anymore. I will miss our late-night talks (when she mainly listens to me rant most of the time). I will miss being in awe with the knowledge she shares. I will miss teasing and disturbing her. I will miss the girly-girl things we did together like painting each other’s nails. I will miss her encouragement and suport.

As I write this, she will be on her way to Guangzhou for a transit flight to Los Angeles where she will spend a week with friends, then onward to Baylor U at Texas. I know I can’t do much as I could to make it easier for her to adjust herself there but I know I can always pray for her and be the support she needs of me (if she ever does).

Argh. Waterfall tears. I’m already counting down the days until she comes back for her summer holiday!








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