Musings from the Labour Room II

Okay. So right now I’m in the labour room. Still able to write even though I’m supposedly having pretty good contractions, thanks to the wonders of epidural!

Been having off and on regular contractions for the past 2 weeks but disappointingly never seemed to progress to established labour. Today during a routine clinic appointment, the doctor found that I was actually dilated enough to be sent to labour room. So off we went. It is a pretty exciting date to spend in the delivery room as I could possibly deliver this year or the next. From the looks of it right now, we’re thinking probably next year.

Having been trained in obstetrics and gynecology, it certainly feels quite different to be at the other end of treatment. Honestly I’m pretty nervous for when it’s time to push her out. Praying it’ll be easy and smooth.

So let me describe how the room is like to you. I’m on the bed with CTG leads stuck on my belly to monitor the contractions and baby’s heartbeat. An IV access inserted in my left radial vein with syntocinon and fluids gradually flushed into my system and an epidural catheter nicely stuck on my back.

There’s music in the room. Hubby’s playing the jazz playlist from my phone. He is sitting opposite me playing games on his laptop. Yes. He is playing games. I tell you, we are probably the most chillaxed couple in a delivery suite. Perhaps it’s because we are so immuned to the labour room environment that we are practically just waiting for me to be fully dilated to push baby out. I can guarantee you that the atmosphere will change by then. More anxiety and adrenaline.

Still a little disappointed that I did not deliver in time before my sister left for the US. Might I add that I have super awesome parents who have to cope with so much changes in the coming year. First with their youngest and most sheltered daughter going away to study half the globe away. Then there’s their son who’s preparing for a wedding in the middle of the year and now slipping into new roles of being grandparents for the first time. My love, salutes and sincerest appreciations to them.

Alrighty. Better sign off now and hopefully by tomorrow we will introduce our newest family member. 😊. Before I forget, have a happy new year!


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