Maternal Separation Anxiety

I have always had separation anxiety issues. I was often told that when I had to go to kindy as a child, I would incessantly cry for months and that there was no kindy that I would like and stay to play quietly.

Well, my maternal leave was up after two months and it was time to go back to work. The symptoms of maternal separation anxiety started seeping in and by the time I had to say goodbye to my little girl, my eyes were already welling. When she was out the door, I was pouring like a waterfall to Adrian.

It was difficult to be apart from her when she has been with me at all times for the past 11 months. I miss her and think of her constantly, but also take great comfort in knowing she’s well taken care of by my mother and that the fruit of my work now pays for her expenses.

It’s just day 2 of work. Praying that the days will get easier as they go by.


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