First hospital stay

To my dearest Chloe,

I hope that today your paediatrician will discharge you from the ward. You were admitted last Friday evening for high fever and diarrhea which were blood streaked. This is the first time you have ever had a fever as high as 39C. This is also the first time you were admitted for an illness. The first time you had to have an IV cannulation and the first time your body ever knew what antibiotics mean. The first time you were introduced to Salmonella. The first time mommy has ever seen you so ill.

But you, my Chloe, were one brave big girl. Sure, it was really troublesome to have your hand all wrapped up in bandages and touched at all the time, but you behaved well and allowed the cannulation to stay within wraps and allowed the fluids and antibiotics to run through your veins. You still played with your other free hand when you were feeling better. Mommy could not be any more prouder than I do now.

Get well soon, my little girl. Mommy can’t wait to bring you home.

All my love,



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