Dear fellow Malaysians,

As we sing the Negaraku and when we chant the infamous Merdeka as a family tonight, let’s take a few minutes to think what it was like 58 years ago when our forefathers came together to celebrate freedom. It was a time when it was celebrated together. People of all races and backgrounds, different jobs and status in one stadium, proclaiming that we are free from the powers of British colonization. We are free. We are free indeed. You could literally hear it in Tunku’s voice and in the voices of the people. We are FINALLY free.

But are we truly free today?

Tonight, when we declare Merdeka, remember in your hearts what we want to be free from in 2015, 58 years after our Father of Independence pronounced us free.

Merdeka! Freedom from corruption.

Merdeka! Freedom from cronyism.

Merdeka! Freedom from cheating leaders.

Merdeka! Freedom from cowardice.

Merdeka! Freedom from conscienceless government.

Merdeka! Freedom from the callousness that has infected our society.

Merdeka! Freedom to be clean and fair, for justice and peace to rule in our beloved country, for unity among different races and religions, that we may grow together and weep together, that we may prosper together and uphold each other even through this very trying times.

May we persevere and continue to strive for independence, though not from external colonization but from this internal cancerous regime.


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