Before I forget

… Because forgetting is so part and parcel of my age now. Oh, the numerous things I’ve forgotten to do or because the lack of time to do it, it slips through the cracks.

It’s a gorgeous morning to begin with. Being downstairs away from my sleeping hubby and daughter and absorbing the breathtaking view of the city I love. The only thing missing is a wonderful cup of hot tea. It’s a beautiful time to reflect on life and blessings.

These two years (FYI, I reflect on birthdays every two years) has been life changing. With my bundle of joy (and hair raising moments) in my life, everything I do seems to revolve around her. Life as a mother is tough but oh so fulfilling. My girl is turning two in two months and it feels like time has just flew by.

My job is now one I enjoy and find much meaning in. Sometimes I do feel that this is what I’m meant to do although there are many waves of moments when I missed my clinical world and the patients I see.

I’m beginning to understand marriage more each day and once when I could not understand how one could love someone more with time, now I do. My husband has been genuinely loving and supportive through our marriage. I do not deserve a man like him.

Much has changed but much also has remain the same. The same passion and prayers through the years are the same ones I pray for today.

Turning 31 really sinks in the fact that I’m definitely in my 30s. Last year it was easily hidden in the zero, without the S. This year, definitely 30s. Sigh.


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