Another 2 years

Wow. 2 years have passed already? It’s moving way too fast, though I must admit that there are times I wished time would pass faster, but there are just some beautiful moments that I wished time would stay still – just for a little while.

Now juggling with a husband whose workload jumped a notch and completing his masters, as well as two bouncing children, with never ending laughter, smiles – and whines and cries. Throw in a climbing and progressing a career mixed in with my own masters to study; 2017 and the years to follow will definitely be no easy feat. Sure, there are days where complaints are overflowing and I wished I didn’t have to do the things I’m doing, but there are times, I’m really thankful I have a husband with a steady job, albeit with challenges and chances to grow, that I have two very healthy and beautiful children, who can walk, talk and interact. I’m also thankful for the opportunities that lie before me at work to climb the ladder and lead an impactful academia life.

The usual request for prayers are always in. Lord, for when I’m weak, You are strong. Your grace is made perfect in my weaknesses and imperfection. When I fall short, please fill my gaps and guide me to what You want me to be. May my life be a reflection of Your glory and goodness. Use me in the challenges and abundance that surround me.

Here’s to another year of growth and a life enveloped with love!

Happy 33rd!



Birth announcement 2

Meet my handsome son, Ezra Seng born on 8 August 2016 at 11:23 pm. Weighing not much less from his sister at 3.44kg.

Through the generations

Going back again to a wedding-related post. You may recall this first image from my post written in memory of my late grandmother.


My grandmother at the age of 19. Take a look at the fashion of that day and the big bouquet she had.

The next image is my beautiful mother’s wedding photo when she tied the knot at the age of 24. My mother is a pretty conservative lady when it comes to her style of dressing.

image (1)

No, I did not pose for this on purpose to be like my grandmother and mother. I just realized the similarities after I came back from Paris and saw my grandmother’s picture on the wall and remembered my mother having the same kind of pose for her wedding as well.

My mom and I have hats on! 😀

All of us in our own wedding gowns, how cool is that? 🙂 These pictures are definitely a keepsake.