Musings from the Labour Room II

Okay. So right now I’m in the labour room. Still able to write even though I’m supposedly having pretty good contractions, thanks to the wonders of epidural!

Been having off and on regular contractions for the past 2 weeks but disappointingly never seemed to progress to established labour. Today during a routine clinic appointment, the doctor found that I was actually dilated enough to be sent to labour room. So off we went. It is a pretty exciting date to spend in the delivery room as I could possibly deliver this year or the next. From the looks of it right now, we’re thinking probably next year.

Having been trained in obstetrics and gynecology, it certainly feels quite different to be at the other end of treatment. Honestly I’m pretty nervous for when it’s time to push her out. Praying it’ll be easy and smooth.

So let me describe how the room is like to you. I’m on the bed with CTG leads stuck on my belly to monitor the contractions and baby’s heartbeat. An IV access inserted in my left radial vein with syntocinon and fluids gradually flushed into my system and an epidural catheter nicely stuck on my back.

There’s music in the room. Hubby’s playing the jazz playlist from my phone. He is sitting opposite me playing games on his laptop. Yes. He is playing games. I tell you, we are probably the most chillaxed couple in a delivery suite. Perhaps it’s because we are so immuned to the labour room environment that we are practically just waiting for me to be fully dilated to push baby out. I can guarantee you that the atmosphere will change by then. More anxiety and adrenaline.

Still a little disappointed that I did not deliver in time before my sister left for the US. Might I add that I have super awesome parents who have to cope with so much changes in the coming year. First with their youngest and most sheltered daughter going away to study half the globe away. Then there’s their son who’s preparing for a wedding in the middle of the year and now slipping into new roles of being grandparents for the first time. My love, salutes and sincerest appreciations to them.

Alrighty. Better sign off now and hopefully by tomorrow we will introduce our newest family member. 😊. Before I forget, have a happy new year!

Signs of Domestication

Alright. It’s been a month and a week into the role of a wife.

My friends have asked me how is life like now that I’m a married woman. Well, in an instance, I’d give you a very positive response like, “It’s been really fun” or “It’s awesome”… somewhere along those lines. A friend asked Adrian the same question, and let’s just say his response didn’t quite answer the question. I’m not sure whether it’s just me or are most men just like that.

“ehhh. it’s married life. What would you expect?”


It’s as if men just take it in stride like any other ordinary phase of life. Okay. I guess I shouldn’t generalize. Maybe it’s just my guy. Newly wedded wives, how has your husband reacted to questions like that?

Of course there are a lot of things which are different now and just last Saturday, it hit me and I realized that I’m showing symptoms and signs of domestication. Good thing? Bad? Not sure.

Here are some evidences:

#1: Adrian and I are actually (like really actually) excited about the idea of cooking on our own and trying out new recipes. Yeah, we did a lot of cooking when we lived in Slim River and I must say, we had a lot of fun experimenting in the kitchen. Since moving back to KL and with the convenience of numerous restaurants here, we’ve stopped conjuring magic in the kitchen for a while now but we can’t wait to get back to garlic-smelling-fingers, onion-tearified-eyes, oil-burnt-skin-marks, knife-sliced-fingers and oh-so-delicious-own-home-cooked-food. 🙂 Not that we are deprived of that from our parents, but food really does taste different when you’ve cooked it yourself (burnt and what not). We were practically gleefully (well, at least I have!) choosing pans, cookers, utensils, etc. Now we’re just waiting for the stove and oven to get a makeover from the factory and then let the cooking begin! 🙂

#2 Going to Big Bad Wolf Book Sale and finding myself trailing to the cookbook section. Seriously. I think I spent the most time there drooling going through beautiful books filled with delicious images and probably fantasizing the possibility of me successfully making them. There is absolutely no way I could do what some of my friends do with their kitchen. The photos of their dishes and cakes are so superb, it’s worth a kowtow.

#3 Our first big buys as a married couple were a washing machine and a dryer. They’ve been our good friends so far. 🙂

#4 I practically enjoyed ironing clothes on a quiet Saturday afternoon. Yes, you read that right. I actually heard myself say in my head that I’m having a good time. (What? O.O)  Well, of course, throw in some jazz tunes and the smell of spa diffusing from the aromatherapy jar, it instantly becomes a therapeutic ‘me’ time. 🙂 Trust me.

#5 We find ourselves walking in the detergent and cleaning products aisle in the grocery store and visiting ACE Hardware numerous times to look for appliances to fix some stuff up in the house. Oh, not to forget IKEA. How can one not go to IKEA and dream of an ideal home?

Haha. I can almost imagine the long time married wives would look and laugh at me for it won’t be long before the list above will soon feel like deadly boring chores.

Oh gosh, I hope not. I’m sure there are ways to inject some fun into it?

Nothing like a nice clean house, right?

Day of Ones

At this eleventh hour, I’d like to share a few trivial facts for this special day. I’ll just call this the Day of Ones.

Today’s date is One-One-One.

It has been exactly one year since the day I got engaged.

It has been exactly one month since we had our registration of marriage.

And in exactly one month’s time, I will finally say I do to my only one on the first day of December.

The dates seem to align itself just right. 🙂 let the countdown begin.

Adrian was a darling to sum up the Day of Ones in a beautiful picture. I love it.


Pre-wedding Photography

“So how was your trip?”


If we had to sum the entire Europe trip in one word, that would be it.

Really, I think we have never felt so exhausted during a holiday before. Our bodies were so drained by the second day of shoot so much so I was literally falling asleep while getting my make up on in the wee hours of the morning. haha.

and,… who said taking pre-wedding pictures was easy? Oh boy, it’s super not.

No wonder some people take photos in a studio because you could travel the entire world in one room. There was so much of walking and posing and smiling and changing gowns/clothes, and walking and jumping, etc etc. Plus, it was a little scary walking out in the main streets of Paris in a poofy wedding gown and the whole world staring right at ya! We received car honks in recognition, many congratulations and felicitations from the friendly Parisians and there were quite a few tourist who took pictures of us posing too! Talk about awkward! 😛

Nevetheless, that being said, we enjoyed every second of it. Our photographer, his wife and our makeup artist were so patient and kind to us throughout the entire time. I could only hope that they had a good time as much as we did. The trip to Loire Valley was really fun and the castles there are simply gorgeous.

“Those aren’t pre-wedding photos… where are they?”

Yup, they aren’t ready yet and are just about going through the final touches in the lab, but we will get them pretty soon, I think. 🙂

Appy Couple

I’m so excited to announce this piece of update with all of you.

Being a little heavy on the tech-savvy side, the idea of a wedding website was a must in our checklist.

Create your wedding website.

After weeks of trying out different websites, I stumbled upon this gem of jewels.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you… Appy Couple!


In the next few days, some of you may receive an invitational email with the above attached for the necessary information to download and fully utilize this app.

Seriously, Appy Couple has truly revolutionize the way wedding websites have been built – not just in its purpose of being an informative tool, but with the addition of the elements of interaction and participation from guests.  This, I think, makes it quite exciting to use and even more so when the days draw nearer.

So here’s a brief run through on how to get your hands on our very own wedding app. For those who own an iPod/iPhone/iPad, visit this link to download the app from the App Store. Fear not, Androidians, here’s your link from the Google Play Store

Once you’ve downloaded the app, enter your email address and our unique wedding code:


For security sake, a prompter may appear asking you to request permission in order to view more of the app and the ability to post messages and such. Can’t have any stranger Jane or Joe in our private affair, can we? Eh, but if any stranger is nice to me, I might just be kind enough to permit them in :p Haha.

Once you’re in, please feel free to browse around as much as you can and by posting a word or two would make us feel really special : ) It may appear a little bare right now especially for the gallery section, but once we’ve had our pre-wedding photoshoot (which I’ll write about in the next post!) done, we will definitely post up some good pictures there. For now, those few will have to do. Of course, you may also upload any of your favourite photos to share around. I will also add on more information from time to time, such as for those enlisted under Key People and Stories (wouldn’t you want to hear some good ones? ;))

The idea is to keep visiting the app as its construction is still ongoing and I’m told that there will be many new features coming in the near future!

Those who don’t own a smartphone, that’s okay, you’re not left out too.
Please visit our website at